Tsyganyk criticized Rebrov for not calling up some players to the national team

Ukrainian journalist Igor Tsyganyk spoke about the non-calling of some players to the Ukrainian national team for the qualifying match against the Italian national team.

“Why are Nazarina and Taloverov in the national team? Why didn’t they call Sarapius? He has already played a duet with Svatok. If the main pair of central defenders is injured, then the Svatok-Sarapiy pair looks more reliable. What did Taloverov do to deserve a call to the main team? The fact that he plays abroad or perhaps other things? And what about Nazarina because she plays for the champion of Ukraine? Gutsulyak, who scored five goals, was not even included in the reserve list. It is not normal. There are many nuances here, perhaps this is not corruption, but many questions do arise,” the journalist said.

On November 20, at 21:45, the German Leverkusen will host the match of the 10th round of the Euro 2024 qualification between the national teams of Ukraine and Italy.

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2023-11-21 00:52:00

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