“Ukrainians are already very close to the bottom in European competitions”

Matches of the qualifying round of European cups took place with the participation of representatives of football Ukraine: in the Europa League, Dnipro-1 lost devastatingly to Slavia from the Czech Republic (0:3), and Dynamo Kiev lost to the Greek Aris (0:1).

In a conversation with the correspondent of, the former player of the national team of Ukraine and Dnipro Ivan Getsko said what he disliked the most in the actions of the Ukrainian teams:

– It’s a shame, you can’t find another word when analyzing yesterday’s performance of our clubs. Unfortunately, the baton from the losers from Vorskla Poltava, which was knocked out of the Conference League qualification by the modest Georgian Dila, was picked up by two other domestic representatives – Dnepr-1 and Dynamo.

– Let’s start with the more prestigious Europa League, where the Dnipro team went to visit Slavia.
– In such cases, after a major defeat, they say: let’s go on an excursion. It’s hard to believe, but the Dnipro managed to break through the opposite side of the gate only once in the entire match. This is terrible, especially when you consider that the opponent was not from the top football countries. Despite the fact that the hosts played in the minority from the 58th minute, they continued to dictate the terms and, like a cherry on the cake, brought the matter to a rout by scoring the third goal.

– What can you say about the last summer rookie of the Dnieper – Filippov, who replaced Dovbyk at the forefront of the offensive?
– It’s hard to understand anything here. A footballer without game practice, having spent only one training session with the new team, immediately gets into the starting lineup. This tactical move by mentor Alexander Kucher obviously did not work, because Filippov was invisible. On the other hand, Filippov is one of those forwards, like, by the way, Dovbik, who are dependent on partners. And the middle line of the guests failed the match yesterday.

– Thanks to what can Dnipro-1 fight the Prague residents in the second leg in a week and achieve revenge with the desired result?
– I have always been a realist and Dnipro-1 of the current model is not the team that can compete with Slavia. Dnipro have vulnerabilities in every line, and Slavia gives the impression of a team where each player clearly knows what to do on the football field. Moreover, the head of Slavia, who skillfully controlled the course of events yesterday, keeps his finger on the pulse, especially when his wards were in the minority. That is why the Dnipros can already safely prepare for the next downgrade – exams in the League of Conferences.

– Now about Dynamo, which lost to the middle peasants of the Greek Championship – Aris. The people of Kiev complained that the road to Thessaloniki took a lot of strength from them.
These cheap excuses kill me the most. Did the Dynamo team think that at that time their peers in the trenches were repelling the attacks of Russian aggressors? Or, how to survive during air raids, when there is a threat to the most precious thing – life? Dynamo players should be grateful that they can do what they love, unite, play hard and glorify Ukraine with their game. And you see, they are tired. In the end, what to expect from them when there is no skill. Dynamo is now a mediocre team, which no one is afraid of even in the domestic arena.

– But after all, Dynamo came to Greece in the status of the leader of the UPL, having pleased at the start with high performance.
– I have repeatedly noted that the UPL level is low and as soon as our teams in the international arena face tight guarding, skillful selection of an opponent, they become helpless. In addition, physical training is lame and therefore it is difficult to add momentum. Well, the game of Kiev and the same Dnipro in defense is already laughable. It seems that not professionals with millions of salaries play, but amateurs. It’s good that Dynamo’s Buschan drew the right conclusions from his unsuccessful game in the last calendar match against Obolon and bailed out several times yesterday. Otherwise, the people of Kiev would not have escaped defeat.

Separately, I want to say about the helmsman of Dynamo Mircea Lucescu. In my opinion, he has exhausted himself a long time ago, it seems that only the club management continues to trust him. Didn’t Lucescu know that Yarmolenko doesn’t work in defense, so it was necessary to build the game in such a way that Andrei would always be insured by someone.

I was not aware that Shaparenko plays, as they say, on clean balls, he is weak in the selection. “Aris” took advantage of these gaps in the leaders of Kiev, having deservedly taken over. Dynamo players have been provided with proper conditions for preparation, but the level of their game causes serious concern. Unfortunately, our representatives in European competition have almost reached the bottom.

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2023-08-11 14:08:00

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