Unai MELGOSA: “We were a little lucky”

The coach of the Ukrainian youth team, Unai Melgosa, shared his emotions from his team’s confident victory with a score of 4:0 over Luxembourg in the Euro 2025 qualifying match.

– We are satisfied with the score. As for our game, there are some points. In the second half we were more aggressive. We were a little lucky that the opponent was without one player (Luxembourg had an expulsion – note by

In the second half of the game we took a step forward and played much better than in the first. We had chances in both the first and second half, but I didn’t like the chances in the first as much as in the second. I asked the players to play more attackingly, it worked in the second half.

– Throwing balls behind your opponents’ backs – was that your tactic?
– Yes. We needed to find a place to pass the ball. They knew that this could be done against Luxembourg. We knew that they would play with a high line of defense and understood that they would need to score. I told the players about this.

– Why did Vyunnik and Voloshin change positions at the beginning of the second half?
– The players themselves suggested this to me. Sometimes I don’t allow them to change like that, but this time I agreed with them. They played like this for a while and then returned to their positions.

I am not entirely satisfied with the way the players understand me and follow my tactical instructions. There are a lot of things that need to be worked on. On the other hand, my players are very open to trying new things.

We don’t know yet whether Bragara will play in the next match. We’ll know in two days. We care very much about our players, we don’t want to force them to play. We care about their health. If we use him, he could aggravate his injury and miss a lot. It’s better to give him a rest. There are no new injuries.

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2023-11-18 02:26:00

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