VIDEO. 12th goal of the club president. Kudrovka and Vinnytsia Niva parted ways

On November 17, one match of the 18th round took place Second League Ukrainian Championship.

Kudrovka and Niva Vinnytsia tied (1:1) in the match, which took place at the Yunost stadium in Chernigov.

The scoring in the second half was opened by the playing president of Niva Arthur Zagorulko burst into the penalty area and accurately fired into the far corner.

This is already his 12th goal of the season for the Vinnitsa team; only Denis Ndukwe from Zvyagel scored more in the Second League (14 goals).

The home team quickly came back when after the kick Denis Skepsky the ball flew into the goal from the foot of goalkeeper Jan Vechny – a 1:1 draw.

Second League. 18th round, November 17

12:00. Kudrovka – Niva Vinnitsa – 1:1

Goals: Denis Skepsky, 60 – Artur Zagorulko, 56.

Video review of the match

Tournament table

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