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VIDEO. Boxer loses fight early due to slippery shoes

An interesting situation occurred at the bare-knuckle fighting tournament BKFC 54, held in Bulgaria.

Fighter Amer Abdulnabi from Lebanon, who became the first ever representative of his country in the promotion, actively started the fight against the Bulgarian Kaloyan Kolev, but with every blow or attempt to strike he fell to the floor. The fault was with slippery shoes that constantly slipped, and neither tape nor pouring Coca-Cola helped.

As a result, the referee decided to stop the fight early and awarded Adbulnabi a technical defeat.

Keep this footage in the sacred archives
I don’t think we’ll see this again (I hope)

— Clay From Uncle Joey MMA 🇨🇦👊🔥 (@UncleJoeyMMA) November 17, 2023

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2023-11-18 21:52:00

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