VIDEO. Holding a grudge? Sergio Ramos refuses to sign Real Madrid shirt

Former Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, now playing for Sevilla, found himself in a delicate situation.

Having stopped in his car near the autograph hunters, Ramos happily signed the T-shirts of Sevilla and the French PSG, but when he saw the Real Madrid uniform in front of him, he simply pushed it away from him to the side.

This behavior of the football player towards the club, to which he devoted 16 years of his career, outraged the fans, but Sergio found an excuse. “Up to this point, I have already signed about six Real Madrid shirts, and then there are people who put them up for auction or sell them on the Internet,” Sergio commented on the incident.

Ramos refused to sign Real Madrid shirt but he signed psg shirt. 💔 Do anyone know why?

— Big2🤍 (@TheAsianLads) November 18, 2023

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2023-11-19 02:36:00

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