VIDEO. Two capitals, famine and accident: the story of saving Dynamo Kyiv

Blokhin, Shevchenko, Lobanovsky, European and Ukrainian championships, titles and history of Ukrainian football – this is all about the most popular club in Ukraine “Dynamo” Kiev, but there were times when Dynamo Kiev could disappear, like many other football teams. How did you manage to save Dynamo and why could the capital of Ukraine lose a big club? Let’s talk about the first and most difficult years of Dynamo’s existence.

00:00 Dynamo is the most popular club in Ukraine
00:51 Stadium named after the executioners of Ukrainians: the first years of Dynamo
03:01 Holodomor, accident and lack of money – the peak of Dynamo’s problems
05:27 A historical turn that saved Dynamo Kyiv

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2023-11-20 14:59:00

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