“We didn’t walk in the 1st game against the Italians”

Defender of the Ukrainian national team and English Everton Vitaly Miklenko remembered the 1st match against Italy and shared his expectations from the new meeting.

– Have we become stronger since the last match against Italy?
– Only the game will show this, I can’t say anything. The only thing I can note is that we then played the 2nd game at the training camp, the 2nd against a top team. It was difficult to recover, not even physically, but mentally. Moreover, we played at San Siro.

– Then it was difficult to maintain the dynamics that the Italians offered. Do you think it was because it was the 2nd game?
– We try to give our all in every game. We did not walk with the Italians, statistics show this. We tried to give as much of ourselves on the field as possible. I think it’s a little tough when you’re playing the 2nd game at this level.

– Now the Italians will play the 2nd game. Is this our advantage?
– I think yes. But it’s true, it’s written on the piece of paper. Let’s see how it will be in the game.

– What impression did Italy make on you in that match?
“They attacked our zones very aggressively. And when they attacked the zones, they had space on the flanks.

– What do you think will be decisive for us in this match?
– I don’t know. I don’t know, I won’t tell you (smiles).

– Good answer (laughs).

The decisive qualifying match for Euro 2024 between the national teams of Ukraine and Italy will take place on November 20 in Leverkusen, Germany at the BayArena stadium (starts at 21:45 Kyiv time). Read’s exclusive report from the morning city.

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2023-11-20 17:20:00

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