“We hope Stepanenko left a goal for Italy”

The Ukrainian national team beat Lechia 2:0 in the control match, and one of the goals was scored by midfielder Alexander Pikhalyonok. But Taras Stepanenko did not take advantage of his chances.

“The field was very difficult and wet. But it was necessary to go out and play combinations. Let’s look at what happened. Preparations for Italy are underway, and we need to be ready not only tactically, but also physically.”

“Scored a goal to Sarnavsky? Yes, I know him well from the Dnieper.”

“Three chances for Stepanenko? Yes, he was a little unlucky. Either the crossbar, or the goalkeeper miraculously came to the rescue. Maybe he left a goal for Italy. Let’s hope so,” Pikhalyonok said.

The decisive Euro 2024 qualifying match against Italy will take place on November 20.

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2023-11-17 14:31:00

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