We wouldn’t have been given such a penalty, we would have been talking for 2 years

On November 20 in Leverkusen, in the qualifying match for Euro 2024, the national teams of Ukraine and Italy found out their relationship. The match ended in a draw 0:0.

During the stoppage time of the game, Mikhail Mudrik found himself on the pitch in the Italian penalty area after contact with Brian Cristante. However, the referee did not record the violation and did not even resort to the help of VAR.

After the game in the studio of the Italian TV channel Rai Sport, journalist Alberto Rimedio, who commented on the fight, expressed his opinion about Mudryk’s fall:

“The more replays I watch, the more I think it’s a penalty. If we hadn’t been given such a penalty, we would have been talking about it for two years. Indeed, Mudryk jumps, but he does this to avoid contact with his opponent. I don’t argue with the fact that the referee saw it, but with the fact that the VAR did not consider it.”

Earlier, Mikhail Mudrik spoke about a possible foul on the part of Cristante.

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2023-11-21 15:35:00

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