“Why didn’t the referee look at VAR? Because I would have seen the contact”

Famous Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Zverov commented on the draw result in the Euro 2024 qualifying group match between our national team and the Italian team (0:0).

“Very worthy! The best emotional marker was how happy the Italians were after the final whistle.

Why didn’t the referee look at VAR? Because if I had looked, I would have seen the contact! And contact is a foul, it’s a penalty. Then there is room for thought,” the journalist wrote.

Note that Italy’s failure to win means that the Ukrainian team took third place in the group and was unable to directly qualify for the 2024 European Championship. Sergei Rebrov’s team has a chance to qualify for the tournament through the Nations League playoffs, which will take place next spring.

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2023-11-21 04:05:00

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