WTA ranking. Starodubtseva updated her personal best in both categories

Last week the women played the WTA 125 tournament in Colin (Chile). The title was taken by promising 17-year-old Czech Sara Beilek. This allowed her to rise 60 positions, debuting in the top 150 (134th position).

25-year-old Chinese Yuan Yue became the ITF 100,000 champion in Takasaki (Japan). This allowed her to return to the top 100 of the world rankings.

There were no changes in the top thirty.

Top 10 WTA rankings

Among the Ukrainians, it is worth noting the next progress of Yulia Starodubtseva, who continues to gradually rise in the rankings. She is already 152nd, once again updating her personal record. Katarina Zawatskaya dropped to 17 places, Katerina Beindl – to two. But they added Katerina Volodko, Veronika Podrez and Nadezhda Kolb.

Ukrainian women in the WTA rankings

Starodubtseva improved her position in the doubles ranking. Volodko and the Kolb sisters also show slight upward shifts.

Ukrainians are in the top 300 of the WTA doubles rankings

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2023-11-20 13:30:00

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